Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two Cards

These are a couple of very simple cards that I made last year.  One was for a wedding and the other, unfortunately, was for a funeral.

Hope you've had a wonderful day.  Don't forget to create.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goals for 2011

I was going to name this post New Year's Resolutions, but you know how every January we have the same resolutions, then here comes December and we realize that the year is over and then we feel disappointed...you know what I mean.  Well this year I am approaching it differently, at least it won't hurt to try.  My resolutions are going to be goals, but on a monthly basis, that way I'm not overwhelmed.  These will be divided into 3 sections:  Inspirational, Organizational and Crafty.  So if I work on things on a monthly basis I think I will be more likely to stay on track and give myself a bit more time to accomplish what I want.  Does this make any sense?

A lot has to do with a positive attitude towards life.  You see I am generally positive when it relates to someone else, if you come to me with a problem, I can see the solution.  But I am usually negative when it relates to me, eventually I can get over it but it might take a while (all those "ifs" floating in my head).  Therefore in January I will always look for the positive in everything and everyone, don't worry I'm not going all spiritual on you.

And I am going to smile more, what? yes, a simple facial expression by spreading the lips to the side and an upward position.  Seriously, I am starting by doing it as many times a day as I can, regardless of what I am doing or feeling.  Smiling has its benefits, it changes your mood, it's contagious, it relieves stress, it boosts your immune system, etc. (gotta love Google just type Reasons to Smile).

A cluttered home/room is a cluttered mind (this can also be inspirational, don't ya think). Tackling this part on a monthly basis is a definitely can-do, no matter how big or small the project is.  So for this month I am cleaning my makeup/lotions/medicine cabinets and dumping everything that is caked, expired, changed color or have not used in months.  Just love the feeling of accomplishment after cleaning and organizing.

This is another thing I love doing: creating (also inspirational, I see a pattern here).  It can be making a dish, blinging a frame, a mini (so cute, love 'em!), or just making a card.  For January I am making a 12x12 wedding album with lots of photos, the biggest one I've done was a 10x10 you can see here.  Also, completing a 2-page monthly layout for my Project Life by Becky Higgins, she has a simplified style and is amazing, check her blog

Bet you thought this was a regular crafting post, don't worry I will continue to post my creations.