Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What started as a vacation...

Well, I am back after being away for almost a month.  Me and the boys went to Chicago to visit my family.   It started as a vacation but the day before returning home my mom passed away.  She was in the hospital twice when I was there and even though she had no physical pain, her mind, body and soul were exhausted and ready to go.  And for the first time in many many years she was able to see all of her 9 kids together and I think that gave her a piece of mind.  I am very sad to know she is gone but know she is ok where she is now, and am very grateful that I got to spend time with and got to see her.

While we waited for the funeral preparations I was able to make a 14x17 memory frame to display at the mass.  Please keep in mind that I was not at home therefore, had limited supplies and time.  These pictures are from four different stages in her life, she was so beautiful and talented and I am such a sucker for black and white photos, just love them.

On another note, the following set of 10 cards was mailed out to Jade at Jaded Studios, she is organizing a card sale fundraiser on her blog for Claudia at MSclaudia, you can click here for more information.

This is a simple card that I made for Claudia herself.  I hope she likes it.

Thank you for stopping by and have fun creating.


Chris said...

So sad to hear the turn of events during your vacation, but wonderful to hear that your mom got to see everyone.

Love the scroll cross.

Also, thank you for visiting my blog.

TheLastOfNine said...

Thank you Chris for stopping by.

Regina Friedman said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Mom passing away. She was absolutely beautiful and know that you will always carry her love in your heart.

TheLastOfNine said...

Thank you Regina, I am at peace now that she let me know she is ok.